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About NCS colors

About the NCS color system

The Natural Color System, or 'NCS' in short, is a color system that is administrated by the Skandinaviska Färginstitutet in Stockholm. The system is based on the way humans perceive color. In the color experience of the human eye 4 elementary colors play an important role: red, yellow, green and blue. The NCS color system is used as a standard by architects, designers and manufacturers in various industries.

About this website

The website provides an overview of all NCS colors. On this site you find colors which are part of the following NCS collections: NCS Index 1950. The colors are divided into categories and you can look up a color using the color name or color code. Through the detail page of each color you can view a full-screen color impression. We also provide information about a color, such as the name (if available also in other languages) and matching color codes (HEX, RGB and CMYK). The website can also be used on smartphones.

Besides the free color information we also offer physical NCS color fan decks for sale. Because computer screens are note able to display the true NCS colors, we recommend to use a physical color fan deck to be sure of the correct color. is visited by many visitors everyday. We also target other countries with This website is an initiative of Whirlwind Internet, based in Uden (The Netherlands). From this location we ship the color fan decks to our customers on weekdays.

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