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Google Analytics

On this website we use Google Analytics. Google Analytics collects statistics for us about visits to this website. By doing so we can see for example which pages are popular and which websites or search engines refer visitors to this website. The collected information can't be identified personally and is thus not harmful to your privacy.

All data collected by Google Analytics is common information. This means you can visit this website anonymously. To avoid privacy infringement, we have accepted the 'Data Processing Amendment' within Google Analytics. Moreover, we have enabled the settings of 'anonymizeIP' and 'forceSLL' in Google Analytics so you can use this website anonymously. Thanks to 'anonymizeIP' only a part of your IP address is submitted to Google Analytics and thanks to 'forceSLL' the data of your visit is send to Google through a secure connection.

Thanks to the SSL certificate of this website, the information you exchange with this website is encrypted (for example when filling out the contact form) so the data can't be read by outsiders. Finally, we have indicated using the Google Analytics settings that Google may not share the collected information with third parties.


On this website you can buy color fan decks. To keep track of the products in your shopping cart, we use 'local storage', a HTML5 technology, which allows websites to store data on the user's computer. Using this method we only store product information to determine which products and quantities are involved. Thus, we don't store data through this method which involves personally identifiable information.

Saving the contents of the shopping cart is an essential part of a webshop. In case you don't complete the order and return to this website at a later point of time, the contents of your shopping cart are displayed directly so you don't have to add those products again. If you want to delete the local storage data from your computer, you can do that by emptying the browser memory. Moreover, the content of the cart will be automatically deleted once you have paid and completed the order successfully.

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